Best 10 Ft Trampolines – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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10ft Zero Gravity Safety enclosure - Ladder- Safety padding - Quick release - Weldless frame Mid range CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON!
We R Sports Safety enclosure - UV resistant - 150kg max user weight - Rain cover - Ladder Mid range CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON!
Rebo Halo safety enclosure - 25mm PVC pads - Zinc plated springs - 12 month warranty - Suitable from age 6+ High end CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON!

Top 3 10ft Trampolines

Increasingly it feels that we are evolving into an indoor society. Each new day seems to bring a brand new study proclaiming that children no longer go indoors, choosing instead to languish before a screen destroying brain cells and atrophying muscles as they slouch! Of course that isn’t really the case. Yes, the haste and bustle of modern life mean that carefree days of unregulated outdoor play can sometimes fall away in the haste to overschedule clubs, study and 3 healthy meals a day. But play remains as important a part of childhood as ever it was, we simply need to remember to let our little ones take the time to enjoy it.

For children one of the great joys of outdoor play can be seeing mummy, daddy, their siblings or friends take part. And they are fortunate that we live in times where enjoying outdoor play equipment is no longer limited to parks and leisure centre environments. Elaborate climbing frames, playhouses and swingsets are becoming commonplace in the gardens of homes up and down the nation. But not everyone is blessed with the space to house such indulgences within their own backyard. So how may we best encapsulate the pleasure of play, the shared experience of being outdoors and the known benefits of exercise without sacrificing every scrap of lawn to the cause?

Buy a trampoline!

Trampolining is a low impact, agility boosting, ridiculously fun activity that the entire family can enjoy. Innovations in material and manufacture have allowed the production of compact and affordable devices for domestic settings and we all get to reap the bouncy rewards. Targeting key areas of coordination like rhythm, balance, timing and that all important agility, trampolining is incredibly beneficial to users young and old alike. And because everyone loves a jolly good bounce it doesn’t feel like ‘proper’ exercise. Children get to be outside for the fun of it and tick off all those incredibly positive side effects of bouncing as a careless afterthought.

The reason for that laundry list of attributes is the unique series of motions and senses we use when we jump on a sprung surface. So much of a child’s ability to take on new information depends on visual and bodily control. Bouncing on a trampoline demands constant attention to your shifting centre of gravity, a steady body and unprecedented awareness of rhythm, all things which massively boost bilateral motor skills. Improvements can be seen over a very short period of time bringing children a sense of accomplishment and the motivation to work harder and strive the better their efforts every time. Tricks and new skills they acquire further demonstrate proficiency.

It is exhilarating to bounce and give over your attention and courage to finding the optimal landing position to send you soaring higher each time. And such exhilaration is not limited to children. The boost to cardiovascular health and all around well being can equally be enjoyed by adults too. As can the incalculable advantages of spending quality time enjoying a family activity everyone actually wants to participate in. That unique combination of balance and leap help strengthen legs, increases lymphatic circulation and promotes a sense of well being. After all, how many forms of exercise can you list which so regularly make you laugh out loud?

Today we’re going to explore 3 of our favourite 10 foot trampolines on the market. Hopefully one of them will catch your eye and encourage you to get outside and start laughing and bouncing too:

10ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 High Spec Review  – Our Number 1

10ft Zero GravityThe most notable feature of the Zero Gravity Ultima 4(lowest price here!) is its internal safety enclosure. Put simply this means that the net you commonly see encircling a domestic use trampoline has been secured to the outside of the jumping mat so that the matted area covering the springs is closed off from the child as they jump. This is a small but significant difference if you are making a trampoline purchase for very young children or first time users. The matted area can be a head strike hazard so, should you choose a trampoline with an exterior enclosure it would be wise to double check the thickness and quality of the padding. Though in fact reassuringly thick padding is another feature of this model too, making it a very safe bouncing surface to begin learning upon.

Zero Gravity Ultima

  • State of the art safety enclosure netting fitted directly to the edge of jumping surface
  • Ladder for ease of access
  • PVC covered 20mm thick safety padding
  • Quick release system to take down enclosure in case of high winds or inclement weather
  • Weldless frame for longevity and stability
  • Extensive testing over 2.5 million cycles

Arced uprights further support the safety enclosure and add to the stable feel of this friendly looking, well tested and popular trampoline. The galvanised steel frame is weldless, reducing the risk of buckling or breaking and ensuring your purchase will have longevity of use. The use of PVC in the padding eliminates concerns of UV damage keeping the unit looking newer for longer.


Features: Safety enclosure – Ladder- Safety padding – Quick release – Weldless frame

Pricing: Mid range



We R Sports Trampoline with Safety Net Review – Number 2

We R Sports Sitting within the same price range this is nevertheless a more basic model than our previous contender. In appearance and use the We R Sports trampoline is a more typical model, with its externally mounted safety net and simple frame. The materials used for padding and jump surface have been well considered but this doesn’t entirely compensate for what it lacks. Those arced uprights gave the Zero Gravity Ultima the benefit of a very secure enclosure, this model feels flimsier and would be better suited to slightly older children or those with intermediate experience.

  • External safety enclosure
  • 150kg maximum user weight allowing adults to share in the fun
  • Galvanised springs and legs to interior and exterior for frame longevity and safety
  • UV resistant safety pads and jumping surface for further longevity
  • Closed cell foam padding to repel water and retain shape
  • Rain cover included

This is still a good trampoline for the ticket price. And certainly a more discreet model for those worried about play equipment overwhelming their garden. The included rain cover adds value by safeguarding the jump surface against water and leaf debris, while that generous capacity leaves no excuse for parents not to join in the fun.


Features: Safety enclosure – UV resistant – 150kg max user weight – Rain cover – Ladder

Pricing: Mid range



Rebo 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure Review – Number 3

Rebo 10ft The Rebo 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure is by far the snazziest of our offerings. The super sporty, committed home bouncers’ trampoline once again has the capacity to accommodate grownups too. In fact the mushroom cloud bulge of its ‘Halo’ external enclosure seems custom made to catch clumsy adults before they come a cropper!

  • External safety enclosure
  • 150kg maximum user weight allowing adults to share in the fun
  • 25mm safety pads with PVC coating for UV protection
  • 240cm innovative Halo enclosure to maximise jump capacity
  • 64 zinc plated springs for ultimate rebound fun
  • 12 month warranty

Rebo 10FT

For the same reason this is a fabulous trampoline for experienced users and courageous grown ups, this will not be suitable for children under 6. The design of the enclosure embraces the notion of using the walls to aid in bouncing fun (or balance, at least) and, as previously discussed, this presents a head strike risk for littler ones. But for those of 6+ there are 64 shining springs worth of boinging potential here just waiting to be explored, expanded and enjoyed year after year.


Features: Halo safety enclosure – 25mm PVC pads – Zinc plated springs – 12 month warranty – Suitable from age 6+

Pricing: High end




After something of a tussle between head and heart, the Zero Gravity Ultima 4 takes home first place today. Although our heads were momentarily turned by the sporty good looks and potential fun we could have with the Rebo trampoline, common sense kicked in and we had to acknowledge that children ought to be the focus here today. By virtue of its impressive and well considered safety features, extensive testing and the promise of a long and expense-justifying lifespan the Zero Gravity Ultima 4 is a genuinely worth winner. A trampoline which will take your children from those tentative first steps to Olympic level trickery deserves that first place crown!


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