Best Clothes & Garment Steamers – Reviews Of 2017 – 2018

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BestSteam Easy to Control – 6 Power Settings – Copper Core Technology – Extra Accessories – Large Water Tank – Automatic Shut Sown – Easy to Transport Mid range

SALAV Durable Material – Nine Steam Outlets – Four Settings – Heats Up Within 45 Seconds – Large 1.8L Water Tank – Storage Space – Easy to Assemble – 1 Year Limited Warranty Mid range

Beldray BEL0578 Extension Tube – 1500W Power – 35 Minutes of Use – 3 Steam Settings – Detachable 1 Litre Water Tank – 360 Degree Rotating Hanger Affordable

Top 3 Clothes & Garment Steamer On The Market Compared

BestSteam Review – Our Number 1

BestSteam ReviewThis powerful and reliable clothes steamer (lowest price here!) is easy to use and very effective.  Read on to find out more.

  • The BestSteam clothes steamer is easy to control and comes with six adjustable power settings so you can choose the intensity and easily get rid of wrinkles and freshen up your clothes.
  • This steamer utilises copper core technology which makes the heating element last five times longer than cheaper alternatives, meaning that you will be able to steam more clothes in less time without having to refill the steamer.
  • The BestSteam is very quick and can remove creases in 45 seconds or less!
  • This steamer is suitable for a range of materials including wool, cashmere, polyester, linen and cotton.
  • The QuickSnap Hanger that comes with this device removes the need for extra hangers or rails and lets you keep your clothes upright and wrinkle free after steaming. It also comes with a trouser hanger and an upholstery brush.
  • The BestSteam clothes steamer has a large water tank that is very easy to fill and can last for a long time.
  • This steamer will automatically shut down when not in use so you don’t have to worry abut any accidents.
  • The BestSteam comes with 360 degree wheels that make it extra easy to transport this steamer from room to room and store when not in use.


Features: Easy to Control – 6 Power Settings – Copper Core Technology – Extra Accessories – Large Water Tank – Automatic Shut Sown – Easy to Transport.

Pricing: Mid Range.


SALAV Review – Number 2

SALAV ReviewThis affordable steamer is easy to transport, easy to use and is full of features. Read on to find out what these features are.

  • The SALAV steamer has been designed with a durable stainless steel nozzle which is both long lasting and has nine steam outlets for extra precision.
  • This steamer comes has four steam settings to choose from so you can pick the right setting for the right fabric. It can go up to 1500W.
  • The SALAV is very quick and can heat up in 45 seconds. It will straighten your clothes in no time and it is effective at removing wrinkles and refreshing even the oldest of clothes.
  • This steamer comes with a large 1.8L detachable tank which allows for up to 50 minutes of continuous steaming.
  • There is a storage space accessible from the main body of this device so you don’t have to worry about losing any extra accessories.
  • This product is easy to put together and take apart which means you don’t have to waste time pouring over instruction manuals or waste money calling handymen. It is also easy to transport around the house thanks to its large moving casters.
  • The SALAV comes with a limited one year warranty which will need to be activated by contacting SALAV.


Features: Durable Material – Nine Steam Outlets – Four Settings – Heats Up Within 45 Seconds – Large 1.8L Water Tank – Storage Space – Easy to Assemble – 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Pricing: Affordable.



Beldray BEL0578 Review – Number 3

Beldray BEL0578 ReviewThis is a fully functioning garment steamer with an attractive price tag. Read on to find out what else the Beldray BEL0578 can offer you.

  • The Beldray BEL0578 comes with an extension tube which makes reaching the top of tall garments and curtains quick and easy.
  • This steamer uses 1500W of power and can be used for 35 minutes of non stop steaming. It has an output of 27.5-33.6 g per minute so you can effectively steam everything you need within a short amount of time.
  • The Beldray offers 3 steam settings which can be fully adjusted depending on the fabric in question. It heats up very quickly as well and is ready to use within less than one minute.
  • This machine comes with a detachable water tank which can hold 1 litre of water, which is more than enough for you to steam everything you need before having to refill the tank.
  • This powerful steamer is equip with a 360 degree rotating hanger so your steamed clothes don’t get wrinkly again. It also comes with a fabric brush so you can make sure all your fabric is up to scratch.


Features:  Extension Tube – 1500W Power – 35 Minutes of Use – 3 Steam Settings – Detachable 1 Litre Water Tank – 360 Degree Rotating Hanger.

Pricing: Affordable.




All three of these steamers would be a great addition to your household and would help keep your fabrics wrinkle free and fresh, but with our lists there can only be one winner.

First place goes to the BestSteam Clothes Steamer, 3.0 Litre Tank, Top Rated Commercial Grade Garment Steamer because it offers 6 adjustable settings so you have more control over your steamer, it lasts longer than its competition, it is very quick, it has a large tank, it comes with additional accessories to make your life easier and it is easy to move around your house.



If you want to freshen up some of your old suits or remove the deep seated wrinkles out of your shirts you may want to invest in a garment steamer. Of course you can use an iron to remove wrinkles but as garment steamers don’t apply any additional pressure to the fabric they are gentler and less likely to damage fragile material.  Irons can also be difficult to use and you may find yourself ironing wrinkles into your clothes rather than out of them, whereas garment steamers are very easy and effective.

Garment steamers are great for de-wrinkling expensive and/or vintage clothes but they are also ideal for furniture, rugs and especially curtains as you can steam them without having to waste time taking the curtains down and putting them back up again.

If you are interested in buying a garment steamer you may be put off by the idea of spending your evening googling different brands and making Amazon comparisons. We know that online shopping can be stressful, confusing and time consuming so we have created this easy guide to the 3 top clothes/garment steamers available online.