Best Fan Heaters – Reviews 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Honeywell Overheat protection - Tip over protection - Wide dispersion - Safeguard system - Very quiet running High end CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON!
De’Longhi Frost and overheat protection - Thermostat - Cool air facility - 3 KW heat output - 12 month guarantee Mid Range CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON!
Dimplex Thermostatic control - Cool air setting - Multiple heat settings - Integral carry handle - Overheat safety cut out Affordable CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON!


Top 3 Fan Heaters

Affordable, compact, efficient and easily stored: fan heaters are an excellent investment for anyone in need of a warming boost for their home, workshop or outbuilding. A fan forced heater has the ability to warm an entire room, rather than the immediate area around it, ensuring that heat is retained even after the unit is switched off. For each 1000 watts of heat generated fan heaters have the potential to warm around 100 square feet in a well insulated area. A boon at a time of fluctuating energy prices, because their portability means you may switch off central heating and instead take a unit from one room to the next as you move through your day and ensure your own comfort without impacting too dramatically on those soaring household bills.

A good quality unit will benefit from multiple settings allowing users to tailor the room temperature to your own comfort level. Again that fan forced action comes into play in terms of comfort as that three dimensional heat reach wraps the entire space in a comforting warmth which lingers rather than blasting you with uncomfortable hot air in an unforgiving stream. Many also offer the advantage of temperature maintenance by virtue of an adjustable thermostat which the fan heater cycles to keep regulated. A standard electrical outlet is all that is required for setup and many units are lightweight enough to sit on a surface or table top so need not take up floor space, making them a great choice for more compact homes or camping/recreational vehicle use.

During the colder months a fan heater can become a fantastic supplemental heat source too. The central heating elements get hot fast and most run at a maximum of 3000 watts so electricity usage is kept moderate without impacting on the effectiveness of output. Their relatively simple build keeps upfront costs low too, allowing families and individuals regularly impacted by the winter temperature drop to consider purchasing and storing more than one machine at a time. The carrying handles incorporated into many popular models further enhance their portability and ease of use. These user friendly units are therefore a fine choice for elderly householders or those with mobility or health concerns.

Here we’ll explore 3 fine examples of fan heaters available on the market today:

Honeywell HZ-510E Heavy Duty Fan Review – Our Number 1

Honeywell HZ-510EHandsome retro looks in a jaunty cherry red combine with reassuring safety features and stability to make the Honeywell HZ-510E (lowest price here!) a smashing choice for either home or leisure. The running action is quiet and heat dispersion impressive in range. Sturdy and reliable, the smart little unit also comes with a 3 year guarantee for additional peace of mind. Its thermostat and overheat protection keep the unit from becoming too hot to handle while clever tip over protection promises to shut off the heater should it fall or tip while in use.

  • Wide dispersion allows efficient heat to envelop users in a space up to 22m square
  • That auto stop safety feature makes this an excellent option for family or club use
  • A safeguard marker changes colour from black to red so even little ones are warned away
  • 1800 watts of power imbue this little machine with fierce efficiency at an affordable price

A big concern upon bringing a freestanding heat source into a family home can be the risk to young children. The cleverly lit exclamation mark of warning on the Honeywell HZ-510E and stable feet help to assuage some of those concerns. Though at the higher end in terms of price this attractive machine delivers additional bang for your buck and comforting heat for your home.


Features: Overheat protection – Tip over protection – Wide dispersion – Safeguard system – Very quiet running

Pricing: High end



De’Longhi Horizontal Fan Review – Number 2

De'longhi Horizontal Far more utilitarian in appearance than our first contender, the De’Longhi Horizontal Fan Heater makes up for in output what it lacks in visual impact. With 3000 watts of potential heat power released over a choice of 3 heat settings and an additional benefit by dint of a pleasing cool air facility. This may be the one unit you need not stuff in the cupboard since it has the capacity to envelop you in comfort year round. Frost and overheat protection bring us those all important family safeguards alongside a manufacturer’s guarantee, should anything go wrong.

  • 3 heat settings allow users to tailor the comfort levels in each space they occupy
  • An on board thermostat helps moderate and regulate temperature in the room
  • A cool air facility offers an additional use for this flexible machine as temperatures climb
  • Frost and overheat protection keep the unit safe for peace of mind
  • 3000 watts of power maximise heat output making this a good choice for larger spaces
  • A 12 month manufacturer’s guarantee brings the purchaser peace of mindDe'longhi Horizontal

Perhaps not a wildly design conscious choice, nonetheless this is the pick which will do for you exactly what it says on the tin with unstinting reliability. Those 3 heat settings also help maximise the user experience as your comfort needs vary or you move between rooms or spaces of differing proportions. Temperature regulation also offers the pleasing ability to find a level which suits, set your heater off and ignore it, safe in the knowledge it will do as it has been bidden!


Features: Frost and overheat protection – Thermostat – Cool air facility – 3 KW heat output – 12 month guarantee

Pricing: Mid Range



Dimplex DXFF20TSN Electric Review – Number 3

Dimplex DXFF20TSNThis is undeniably a budget unit and its uninspiring looks probably won’t win the Dimplex DXFF20TSN pride of place in your home or office. But there has been no scrimping on output and efficiency, making this machine a budget conscious user’s dream. 2000 watts of output are used to dramatic warming effect in this fast-heating, sturdy and steadfast electric fan heater.

  • 2000 watts of warming output over multiple settings bring big results to a low price point
  • There are also cool blow settings option for additional flexibility of use
  • An integral carry handle offers portability and ease of storage
  • Neon mains indicator aids ease of use and maintains safety of use too
  • The overheat safety cut out is an important feature when considering family or club use
  • A 3 year guarantee gives users peace of mind and financial protection

Once again that pleasing cool air option is present, allowing all round use of your fan unit and giving a level of flexibility which is impressive at this price point. Dispersion somewhat suffers by virtue of the horizontal design but an inbuilt thermostatic control helps maintain room temperature once that sweet spot is found. Unobtrusive, small and easy to store, the Dimplex DXFF20TSN packs a pile of positives into its modest exterior and a 3 year guarantee is the cherry on the top.


Features: Thermostatic control – Cool air setting – Multiple heat settings – Integral carry handle – Overheat safety cut out

Pricing: Affordable




The simple design we discussed above means none of the units on our list today will break the bank. And each have appealing attributes of their own. But, with so little in it in terms of price differential, we are going to advocate that you stretch for the Honeywell HZ-510E. It impressed us right across the board, from heat dispersion to essential health and safety considerations, from aesthetic to longevity of use. That cherry red design will undoubtedly stand out in a room so it is not going to be the choice of those who like to keep their utilities discreet but that friendly vintage look and reassuring sturdy build stole our attention and helped send it flying to first place.


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