Best Ironing Boards – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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Brabantia Generous proportions - Robust build - Adjustable height - Heatproof rest - 10 year manufacturer guarantee High end CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON!
Minky Four stable legs - Steam flow mesh surface - Large rest - Adjustable height Mid range CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON!
Addis 10 height options - Extra large surface area - Attractive design - Heat resistant iron rest - Felt and foam backed cover Mid range CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON!


Top 3 Ironing Boards

The purchase of an ironing board – a traditional household staple – can hardly be considered an indulgence. Yet if one considers how much of our domestic lives are spent ironing on or looking at an ironing board it becomes evident that it ought not to be an after though either. Innovations in both design and materials mean that contemporary boards are built to actually aid the crease smoothing slog rather than simply stand silent witness as we wrestle the weekly pile into submission.

Obviously if you need only iron the odd interview shirt or handkerchief, cheap and cheerful will always be the way forward. Although storage considerations still mean that board proportions should be glanced at before clicking buy. For those unfortunates among us who have more regular demands upon our ironing arm, there are a few more factors to consider. The type of iron you use: steam or standard electric, your own height, issues with mobility which might impact putting up and taking down a board and proportions for storage are all points to weigh up.

An ironing board ought to sit at hip height for optimum comfort and efficiency if you iron when you stand. For those who routinely iron while seated the ‘banana’ shape of higher end boards may be a boon as the gentle dip aids better posture and can make manoeuvring larger areas of fabric easier. Though built-in ironing boards are a handy solution for some, generally speaking the flexibility of a portable, free standing board will suit the majority of households. Metal boards tend to be lighter in weight, for ease of transport, but for homes with small children board stability ought to be of equal importance.

The cover of your board matters as much as the proportions. Reflective surfaces, which transfer heat back into fabrics can cut down time spent ironing, as can a permeable cover which allows heat and steam to pass through it. Mesh is often utilised to this end and the pad beneath lined with felt rather than foam to retain a smooth firm ironing surface. The iron rest is a matter for consideration too. It sounds silly to say but consider which is your predominant hand before falling for an innovative rest. Mod cons are of little use if you can’t access them once you’ve flipped the board around!

Some boards end with a break or barrier between ironing surface and rest (the place you can safely set your iron down) while others continue seamlessly with no break and instead feature a heatproof rest area integrated into the surface. If you regularly iron items with a larger surface area such as sheets, duvet covers, table cloths or the like, a continuous surface (generally found on larger boards) will be of real benefit. If your ironing tends more towards uniform items, small garments etc. then a more basic model with pull out rest and typical barrier will be quite adequate for your needs.

Today we’re looking at a real cross section of these features and attributes as we examine 3 of our favourite of the current crop of boards on the market.

Brabantia Ironing Board Review – Our Number 1

BrabantiaThe Brabantia ironing Board with Iron Parking Zone(lowest price here!) is something of a beauty and a beast. For starters it is huge with generous proportions to both ironing surface and frame. If you are looking for a compact and easily stored board this is probably not the best choice for you. But…it is a beauty. Benefitting from all those nifty tricks we discussed – integrated iron rest, seamless unbroken board surface, cleverly shaped areas for tricky garments, the option of working while seated. Every feature has been well considered and deftly delivered.

  • Child and transport locks prevent collapse and reassure of safety around children
  • Generous adjustable height options make this board suitable for taller usersBrabantia
  • Integrated heat resistant parking zone provides iron rest without breaking up surface
  • Extra large surface area makes this an ideal board for bed linens
  • An asymmetric frame offers the option to iron from a seated position
  • A shoulder shape for shirts and pointed side for trousers make light work of workwear
  • The foldable linen rack offers the useful option of storage or cooling space as you work

It might take you a little while to recover from the sucker punch of the price tag but once you have, if you are at a board several times a week, the Brabantia is definitely an investment to consider. This is a quality product from a respected industry name with the added reassurance of a 10 year guarantee. That increased surface area, uninterrupted by a separate board rest, genuinely cuts down time tackling bed linens and the parking zone allows users to set the iron aside to adjust or move between items then quickly return and continue without the accidental scalds we’ve all experienced when distractedly reaching for an upstanding or tilted iron. Non slip caps to the feet add an additional safety element while also protecting hardwood and tiled floors from damage.


Features: Generous proportions – Robust build – Adjustable height – Heatproof rest – 10 year manufacturer guarantee

Pricing: High end



Minky Premium Plus Review – Number 2

Minky No bells, whistles or integrated parking zones here, simply a sturdy and workaday board. We have dropped down a price point and thus sacrificed some wow factor. Nevertheless Minky are a reliable brand in their own right and they have introduced some very intelligent features to this simple but stylish board. Neat and compact folded proportions also mean this board will store well.

  • Minky steamflow mesh surface allows heat to pass through for optimum results
  • The larger than average iron rest has room to accommodate steam generators too
  • Four sturdy legs bring stability and the option to work seated
  • Infinite level height adjustment means you can define your ideal working height

It is pleasing to see consideration given to making room for steam generators. This is a nice touch on an all around nice little board. As is that mesh surface, speeding up the ironing process by allowing steam or heat to penetrate. One minor drawback of this board would be the foam backing which will slightly impact its longevity but overall this is a fine choice for light to moderate usage.


Features: Four stable legs – Steam flow mesh surface – Large rest – Adjustable height

Pricing: Mid range



Addis Really Wide Board (Irons Design) Review – Number 3

Addis Addis are another reassuringly familiar name in the domestic setting and here is another example of a decent, workaday board. It does exactly what it says on the tin, offering users a generous ironing surface to cut through the slog of bed linens with ease. As we saw with the pricier Brabantia, there is no break to this board so you really can take advantage of that extra working space. Again the clever use of a heat resistant parking zone means you can easily set your iron aside to adjust or exchange and will have the benefits of parking up your iron face down.

  • Felt and foam backed cover for better life span and more robust ironing surface
  • Small footprint when upstanding
  • Extra large ironing surface ideal for bed linens
  • 10 height options allow users to find optimum seated or standing position
  • The attractive design brings a fresh modern look to the board
  • An easy fold action makes this simple to store

There is no linen rack included with this model but, that aside, it is pleasing to see higher end features present on a mid range board. The presence of felt in the cover will give the board longevity and help resist imperfections or ‘give’ on the ironing surface. The choice of 10 different standing positions bring further flexibility for users who choose this bright contemporary board.


Features: 10 height options – Extra large surface area – Attractive design – Heat resistant iron rest – Felt and foam backed cover

Pricing: Mid range




We would never advocate a splurge for the sake of a splurge. And certainly not on something as sensible as an ironing board. However, the Brabantia Ironing Board with Iron Parking Zone was a very clear winner for us. The child and transport locks are reassuring features for family use and that asymmetric frame allows a good variety of ironing positions as well as a really comfortable user experience when ironing seated. The 10 year guarantee was the cherry on the top but frankly for anything more than a light to moderate user, investing in a board like this is just good common sense. It is robust, with sufficient surface area to speed up the process and finished to such an excellent standard that penny pinching would be a false economy. If we have to spend so much time at the board we ought to have a board we can take a little enjoyment in!


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