Best Karaoke Machines – Reviews Of 2017 – 2018

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Karaoke USA GF830 17” LCD Screen – Disk Player – Bluetooth, USB & SD Card Compatible – 2 Microphones – Remote Control – Free Discs with 300 Songs – Record Your Tracks – Offers Sound Controls Mid range

Goodmans Plenty of Voice Controls – Auto Voice Control – Two Microphones – Bluetooth – LED Display – Remote Control Mid range

Singing Machine SML-283 Portable – Lightweight – CD+G Disk Compatible – Voice Controls – LED Indicators – Free CD+G Disks – Disco Lights Affordable

Comparison of The Top 3 Karaoke Machines On The Market

Karaoke is something anyone can enjoy regardless of age or singing ability and it’s a great addition to any party or night in with a few friends. Whilst karaoke used to be limited to karaoke bars and professional events these days more and more people are buying their own karaoke machines for personal use.


Karaoke USA GF830 Review – Our Number 1

Karaoke USA GF830 ReviewThis impressive karaoke machine (lowest price here!) has tons of features that can help you get the party started or kick start your singing career. Read on to discover more.

  • This karaoke machine comes with an attached 17” LCD screen that you can use to display videos and song lyrics. A lot of budget karaoke machines don’t come with a screen and will have to be connected to your TV or computer, and whilst this isn’t normally a big problem having the screen attached is really helpful if you’re transporting your karaoke machine to another venue. It also means you don’t have to waste time trying to connect your karaoke machine to your TV; all you have to do is unwrap the Karaoke USA GF830 and start singing! You can also use this screen as a DVD player and play films and TV straight off of the karaoke machine.
  • The Karaoke USA comes with a front-loading disk player which you can use to lay DVDs, CDs and mp3 disks. If you don’t have any disks you want to play you can also plug your USB or SD card into the machine to play songs, or simply connect via Bluetooth to stream any music you want to play.
  • This machine comes with two microphones, a remote control and two disks which contain 300 karaoke songs in total. A lot of karaoke machines don’t come with one microphone and even less come with two, so this is a pretty good feature as you won’t have to spend extra on the microphones and you can start playing duets straight away.
  • This Karaoke USA machine lets you record your vocals with the backing sound track and download them onto your USB stick or SD card. This is really important if you are buying this machine to create your own tracks because once they have been downloaded you are free to share them with friends, upload them to Youtube or even send them out to record companies.
  • The karaoke machine includes a lot of sound controls like echo and balance controls which you can use to improve and edit your over all sound.


Features: 17” LCD Screen – Disk Player – Bluetooth, USB & SD Card Compatible – 2 Microphones – Remote Control – Free Discs with 300 Songs – Record Your Tracks – Offers Sound Controls.

Pricing: Mid-Range.


Goodmans Review – Number 2

Goodmans XXB16CDGBT ReviewThis little karaoke machine is packed with voice control features which will help even the worst singer sound like a professional. Read on to discover how.

  • The Goodmans Karaoke player can easily be hooked up to your TV so you can sing along to the lyrics and make are that everyone can sing along with you.
  • This karaoke machine comes with impressive voice enhancement options including aux input, treble and bass controls and volume controls. These features can help shyer singers feel more at ease whilst helping budding stars get the very most out of their voice, plus kids love to play with them!
  • One of the best features of this karaoke machine is the auto vocal control which lets you fade the original singers voice away until its just you and the music. You can use this control to keep the existing vocals as you practice and then fade them away so its just you people can hear. This can also be really helpful if you’re trying to learn a song for a show or audition as it’s an excellent way to practice.
  • This karaoke machine comes with two microphones and the option to control the microphones volume. This is really important because sometimes when you sing a duet one person will have a louder voice and will unintentionally (or intentionally) drown out the other singer, but if you have volume controls on the microphones you can balance it out so everyone can be heard. This machine is also compatible with Bluetooth so you can stream any song you want.
  • This Goodmans karaoke machine is easy to use with its simple LED display and remote control which will help even the most technophobic of you control the machine.


Features: Plenty of Voice Controls – Auto Voice Control – Two Microphones – Bluetooth – LED Display – Remote Control.

Pricing: Mid-Range.



Singing Machine SML-283 Review – Number 3

Singing Machine SML-283 ReviewThis karaoke player is perfect for children’s parties and could be the ideal gift for Christmas or a birthday. Read on to find out more.

  • This is a portable karaoke machine and it’s a great thing to take along to parties, friends houses and sleepovers. The Singing Machine can play any CD or CD+G and it is easily plugged into a TV for lyrics and video display. This is a particularly light karaoke machine and is especially easy to transport, meaning that you can take it basically anywhere.
  • The Singing Machine is compatible with CD+G disks. This stands for Compact Disc plus Graphics and it is basically a normal CD that can also display graphics that work in time with the music. If you use a CD+G disk in the karaoke machine whilst it is hooked up to a TV it will display the song lyrics and make it easier to sing along to your chosen song.
  • This karaoke machine includes voice controls that you can use to add depth, play with echoes and use the Auto Voice Control options to fade the original singers voice in and out of your track as you become more confident. You will also have balance controls which you can play with.
  • The Singing Machine is very easy to use thanks to its LED indicators. You can use these indicators to play or pause a track, repeat, stop and skip and use specific program options.
  • This machine comes with three free CD+G disks which can get you started right away. These disks include songs by Meghan Trainor, Icona Pop and Taylor swift as well as songs from the Frozen sound track and a bonus kids disk.
  • The Singing Machine has disco lights attached which will light up when the machine is being used, which can add a lot of atmosphere and fun to a children’s party. A lot of kids really enjoy the disco lights and end up playing with them more than they play with the actual machine so if you are shopping for a child or young teenager you should keep that in mind.


Features: Portable – Lightweight – CD+G Disk Compatible – Voice Controls – LED Indicators – Free CD+G Disks – Disco Lights.

Pricing: Affordable.




All three of these karaoke machines would be a great addition to any party or potential singing career, but I’m afraid we can only pick one to be the winner. First prize goes to the Karaoke USA GF830 Bluetooth Portable DVD/CDG/MP3G/CD Karaoke Machine with Large Screen, 2 Microphones, and 300 Karaoke Songs because it comes with its own screen that not only means you can use the machine then and there without having to hook it up to anything, but you can also use the karaoke machine as a DVD player.

The USA GF830 also comes with two microphones, you can plug your SD card or USB stick into it to access all your songs quickly and easily (or connect to Bluetooth), it comes with a range of voice controls and you are able to record and download your own vocals which you can then share with friends or upload to Youtube.



Why Karaoke?

Many people buy their own karaoke machines because they are a great fun at parties and they can keep any children in your house occupied for hours. Other people may buy a karaoke machine because they are a professional singer or a wannabe pop star and they want to record their vocals, adjust the sound with professional voice controls and then share their track on social media.

Some high-end karaoke machines have tons of features that can give you a professional and polished sound which can be used as a much cheaper alternative to the equipment you would find in a professional recording studio. Once you have finished recording you can sometimes download your tracks directly onto your computer or CD disk and use them to kick start your singing career.

Regardless of whether you’re serious about singing, you want to throw a karaoke party or you’re a parent whose looking for the perfect birthday present there is a karaoke machine that’s right for you. We understand that shopping for karaoke machines can be quite confusing and time consuming especially if you’re not sure where to start, so we are here to help with a list of the top 3 karaoke machines you can buy online.