Best Multi Cookers – Reviews Of The Top Rated 2017 – 2018

Technology has improved so many areas of modern life, and cooking is no exception. The multi cooker is a kitchen appliance which usually runs off of one electric supply, like something as simple as a kettle or toaster, but a multi cooker has the capacity to cook and prepare food in a huge variety of […]

Are Rowing Machines Good Or Bad For Your Back?

Rowing machines are low-intensity pieces of exercise equipment that simulate rowing on a boat. They also engage a broad range of muscle groups and are therefore great for muscle toning, cardio, and fat loss. But many seem to avoid them, for its reputation as a back-breaker. And the reputation is justified: at any time, 3-18% […]

Are Rowing Machines Good for Weight Loss? Are They Effective?

When I’m in a mind to exercise, I want to know that my workout will make a difference. My main concern is to lose belly fat. Excessive belly fat and large waists increase the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and other health problems. You owe it to yourself and your loved […]

Are Rowing Machines A Good Type of Exercise?

I am the proud owner of a seasoned ‘dad-bod’, with more spare tires than Michelin, but my wife has been urging me for months to do some exercise. I have to grudgingly admit that it’s not a totally unreasonable request, but I don’t know too much at all about gyms, or exercise in general, really. […]

Rowing Machine or Exercise Bike: Which is Best?

Do you hesitate to try the exercise bike at the gym, and play it safe with your familiar workout choices? Or do you walk past the rowing machine every day, but are unsure if you are overlooking a hidden gem? Could you be missing out on a great cardio routine, or not burning as many […]

Rowing Machines Or Treadmills – Which Is The Best Form Of Cardio?

Contents1 The Big Run-Off: Rowing Machines vs Treadmills2 Benefits for your heart3 Recovering from Injuries4 Targeted exercise for building muscles5 Fat burning for weight loss6 Conclusion The Big Run-Off: Rowing Machines vs Treadmills Which is better, rowing machine or treadmill? It’s important to ask questions like this when choosing the ideal workout for you. Are […]

Are Rowing Machine Good For Abs? The Question To Ask!

Contents1 Your Abs – How Would They Benefit From Rowing Machines?2 Burning fat3 Working lots of muscles4 Make it tougher…5 Don’t row!6 Conclusion Your Abs – How Would They Benefit From Rowing Machines? I’ve always been pretty tubby, and it’s about time I did something about it, and exercised more. As we all know, exercise […]