Best Electric Heated Towel Rail With Thermostat – 2019 – 2020

Kitting out a new kitchen can be a very expensive process because there are so many different things that you need to consider installing. Aside from the essentials like the bath, toilet and sink, you will also need to think about the many extras that you could install.

One of the things that will allow you to add a touch of luxury to your new bathroom is an electric heated towel rail with thermostat. There are so many different styles and designs to choose from, so you can really personalise the decor of your bathroom.

In order to save yourself some time shopping around, please take a look below for our verdicts on the best electric heated towel rail with thermostat.

1. Belfry Heating Richmond Thermostatic Wall-Mounted Electric Heated Towel Rail – The Best Choice

Features: Hardwired – Wall Mounted – 22 Rails – 300 Watts – Silver Finish – 69.1mm H x 45mm W – 8kg 


  • Beautiful modern design.
  • Fairly energy efficient.
  • Silver finish looks fantastic.
  • Plenty of space for towels.
  • Good value for money.


  • Wall mounting is easier with two people.

The Review

Richmond Thermostatic Wall-Mounted Electric Heated Towel RailThe electric heated towel rail with thermostat that we have chosen as the best on our list is this one from Belfry Heating. It has 22 heated tubes in a lovely silver finish. We have to say that the overall design looks very modern and we found that it looked incredibly sleek in a modern bathroom.

The towel rail itself feels very sturdy and like it has been built to last a long time. We were a little concerned that the finish might be a little susceptible to scratches and scuffs but this wasn’t the case. Operating the thermostat couldn’t have been easier and the instructions provided are very straight forward.

This is a wall mounted towel rail and we did feel that it was easier to accurately place the brackets onto the wall with two people doing it. However, it could be done with one person if you have the time to do so.

One of the things that we were really pleased with is how quickly the towels heated up. We were able to heat a towel sufficiently within around 10 minutes which really surprised us.

A final plus point is that we felt that this towel rail offers great value for money, considering how high quality it is and it is this that made us want to put this model from Belfry Heating at the top of our list.


2. Home Loft Concept Acton Floor Mounted Heated Towel Rail

Features: Chrome Plated Steel Tubes – Floor Mounted – Hardwired – 400 Watts – Vertical – 96.3mm H x 53.8mm W x 23mm D


  • Nice mix of a modern and traditional design.
  • Not too bulky.
  • Easy to operate.


  • A little on the expensive side.
  • There could be more space for towels.

The Review

Acton Floor Mounted Heated Towel Rail

We chose this one from Home Loft Concept because we felt that it had a really nice mixture of traditional and modern in the design which is very on trend at the moment. The bulk of the frame is in a really nice chrome colour and the middle is white which offers a lovely contrast.

One of the things that we really liked about this particular electric heated towel rail with thermostat is that it is floor mounted rather than wall mounted, so it is much easier to install. We also found it easier to use too.

One of the drawbacks, however, is that we found that there wasn’t much space for towels on this towel rail. It would be fine if it is just for one person living on their own, but for a family it wouldn’t be ideal as there just isn’t enough space.

As well as this, the towel rail is a little more on the expensive side. Although this is the case, this would be a really nice option for a single person wanting to create a sophisticated modern bathroom space.


3. AEON Tora Vertical Electric Heated Towel Rail

Features: Brushed Stainless Steel – 19 Rails – 3 Towel Gaps – Wall Mounted – Fixing Kit Included – 104.4mm H x 50mm W x 3.2mm D


  • A lot of space available for towels.
  • Really nice brushed stainless steel finish.
  • Heats up very quickly.


  • A lot of tools are required for mounting the towel rail.
  • It is more expensive.
  • It is quite large.

The Review

Tora Vertical Electric Heated Towel RailWe know that some people have much larger families and much larger bathroom spaces, so we also wanted to test out a bigger electric heated towel rail with thermostat and chose this one from AEON. We have to say that although this is more expensive, we were really impressed with the performance of it.

Let’s take a moment to talk about mounting the radiator, as this is one of the drawbacks that we noticed. A lot of different tools are required to mount the radiator, even though you are provided with a fixing kit. We definitely recommend having two people on hand to get it fastened to the wall.

Now, onto the design. The first thing that we really liked with this one is that there are three separate gaps for towels and you are able to fit a lot onto it. The rails heat up really quickly, warming your towels in no time at all.

We also really like the brushed steel finish; it looks very sophisticated. The only thing we didn’t like is the dimensions, it is quite large. However, if you have a large bathroom space then it would be perfect.

We hope that you now have a clear idea of the best heated towel rail from your bathroom and know what you can get for your money.