Best Floor Standing Vanity Units With Basin – Reviews 2019 – 2020

If you are planning on redesigning your bathroom, then there are many different components that you are going to have to consider. One of the things that seems to be coming back into trend is the vanity unit.

There are so many different styles of vanity units, but one that seems to be present in a lot of modern bathrooms today are floor standing vanity units with basin. These types of units have the benefits of your standard vanity unit, such as storage space for your towels and other essentials, as well as the basin.

Choosing the right one for your bathroom can be quite hard, especially if you don’t really know what it is that you should be looking for. In order to make the process a little easier, we have decided to test and review our top three.

Please read on below for our verdicts to see if any of them meet your needs.

1. Cassellie 600mm Free-Standing Vanity Unit – The Best Choice

Features: Manufactured Wood with Integrated Basin – Galvanised Handles – Tap Not Included – Polymarble Top – 800mm H x 600mm W x 420mm D – 34.7kg


  • Simple modern design.
  • Two different colours available.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Very easy assembly.


  • The tap is not included so will need to be bought seperately.

The Review

600mm Free-standing Vanity UnitOne of the reasons why we chose to add this vanity unit with basin to our list is because we were really drawn to the simplicity of the design. For the purpose of our review, we chose to test out the chestnut colour as we felt that it looked a lot more elegant.

One thing that we were a little concerned about is the assembly process, having never assembled this type of unit before. We have to say that it was actually a lot easier than we thought it was going to be. We had everything assembled very quickly.

However, it is important to note that the tap doesn’t come with this basin so you will need to buy it separately and unless you know what you are doing, it is generally a good idea to get a professional to make sure that everything is plumbed in properly.

The overall design of this unit is very sturdy, it has definitely been built to last. We really liked the galvanised finish on the handles too. We expected a unit of this quality to be a lot more expensive than it is; you actually get very good value for money. Overall, we definitely recommend it.


2. Premier 600mm Free-Standing Vanity Unit

Features: Manufactured Wood – Ceramic Top – Integrated Basin – Partial Assembly Required – 916mm H x 600mm W x 460mm D – 25kg


  • Plenty of storage space in the unit.
  • Not much assembly is required.
  • Ceramic top is a very nice finish.


  • Could perhaps benefit from some drawer space.

The Review

600mm Free-standing Vanity Unit

We chose to add this vanity unit with basin to our list because we liked the stylish design. There are multiple different colours available but we chose to go for the slate grey colour as it offers something a little different.

In terms of assembly, there wasn’t really that much for us to do. It was simply a matter of assembling the storage parts of the unit which didn’t take us very long at all. Again, though, you will want to get a professional in to make sure that everything is plumbed in correctly.

One of the things that we really liked about the design of this vanity unit is the stylishness of the unit itself. It looks great in a modern bathroom space. The handles on the unit also have a very nice modern finish which completes the look.

The only downside that we could possibly think of with this design is that there is only shelf space. We felt like it could have perhaps benefitted from a little drawer space either at the top or the bottom of the unit for cosmetics. Other than that, it is a lovely vanity unit and comes at a reasonable cost too.


3. Cassellie 506mm Free-Standing Vanity Unit

Features: Manufactured Wood – Polymarble Basin – Integrated Basin – Galvanised Handles – White Finish – 864mm H x 506mm W x 430mm D – 30.8kg


  • Modern design that suits most decors.
  • Nice galvanised finish on the handles.
  • Sturdy polymarble basin.


  • The handles could be a little stronger.

The Review

506mm Free-standing Vanity UnitThis is the smallest of the three vanity unites that we chose to review as we know that some people are lacking space in their bathrooms and thought that this would be a good fit. Starting off with the assembly, this one was probably one of the easiest of the three.

We had it assembled in no time at all. One thing that we did struggle a little with is fitting the pipes at the back. Obviously this is best done by a professional, but we did find that in order to fit the unit in some bathrooms, the back of the unit may need to be adjusted slightly.

Once we had everything assembled, it was time to take a closer look at the overall design. We really liked the nice modern finish in bright white. It looks very stylish. The handles have a nice galvanised finish which looks great. However, we did feel that the handles could be a little stronger.

Overall, this vanity unit with basin has a really nice design, looks stylish and elegant and comes at a very reasonable price so we would definitely recommend it.

Hopefully, you are now able to choose the right vanity unit to complete the look of your bathroom.