Goodmans Multi Cooker Reviews – 2019 – 2020

There are certain appliances that should be in every kitchen in the country and one of those is the multi cooker. Giving you the ability to slow cook, pressure cook, steam and make use of many other cooking methods, the multi cooker can save you time, money, and help you to produce delicious home cooked meals with very little effort.

Understandably, you will want to make sure that the multi cooker that you buy is suitable and is going to be of benefit to you. There are hundreds of models available right now, so choosing the best one can be quite difficult. This is why we have decided to review some of our favourites. Below you will find a thorough, unbiased review for the Goodmans 8 in 1 Multi-Cooker.

Goodmans 8 in 1 Multi-Cooker Review


  • Big 5 litre capacity making it perfect for batch cooking or cooking for large families.
  • It has a fry basket and steam rack, making cooking much easier.
  • Able to use most cooking methods with one appliance.
  • Removable bowl so cleaning is very easy.


  • It is quite bulky so probably wouldn’t be well suited to a small kitchen.
  • It can take a while to get used to all of the different functions.

Our Review

Goodmans are a very well-known brand, when it comes to home appliances, so we were expecting good things from this multi cooker and we were not disappointed. To start off with, we’re going to talk about the overall appearance of the multi cooker itself. What we like about this particular model from Goodmans is that it is quite basic in terms of design.

From the front of the appliance, you will see a round dial. This dial allows you to choose the cooking method that you would like to use. What we like about this multi cooker is that there are 8 different cooking methods to choose from – roast, fry, slow cook, boil, stir fry, steam, grill and bake.

Operating the multi cooker couldn’t be simpler with this basic dial design. Another thing that we liked about this model is the large glass lid. This makes the cooking process much easier as you are able to see the progress of your meal, ensuring that it doesn’t get over or under cooked. With a 5 litre capacity bowl, this multi cooker is perfect for large families.

Now, onto the cooking methods. We decided to put all 8 cooking methods to the test to see how they fared. Here is what we thought:

  • Roasting – This is probably the one function that we were a little concerned about because a roast dinner is quite hard to master in a traditional oven, never mind a multi cooker. However, we were really pleasantly surprised. We found that the appliance actually cooked the meat and vegetables just as well as a traditional electric oven.
  • Frying – We wanted to keep things simple, so we decided to fry some chips. We have to say that again, we were pleasantly surprised. We had no issues cooking the chips and the end results were perfect. They were cooked evenly and remained crispy.
  • Slow Cooking – We tried a standard beef casserole with the slow cooking function. As you would expect with any slow cooker, the meat was very tender and the flavours were incredible. This was probably one of our favourite cooking methods out of all of them.
  • Stir Frying – We used a standard stir fry mix to see how it would fare. Whilst we were able to cook the meal from scratch, we found that the pot got quite overcrowded with all of the ingredients so it was hard to cook them quickly as you would with a stir fry.
  • Steaming – Again, we wanted to keep things simple so we decided to steam some fresh cod. We were very pleased with the cooking time and more than happy with the results. The fish didn’t dry out at all, which is the one thing that we were a little worried about.
  • Grill – With the grilling function, you are able to grill pork chops, bacon rashers and sausages to perfection. We had absolutely no issues with this cooking function and were very pleased with the end result.
  • Baking – We weren’t really sure what to expect here, so we decided to bake a simple sponge cake. We were actually very impressed with the end result. We were worried that the moisture would affect the end result, but by following some online tips we found that this wasn’t a problem at all.

Out of all of the 8 cooking functions, the only one that we probably wouldn’t use on a regular basis is the stir fry function, but this is just personal preference. We have to say that overall, we were really happy with this Goodmans multi cooker.

It is easy to operate, very reasonably sized and perfect for families of all sizes. If you haven’t used a multi cooker before and you would like one for your kitchen then this basic model would be a great choice. It is very reasonably priced too, which is another plus point.


  • 8 Cooking Functions
  • 5 Litre Capacity
  • Glass Lid
  • Removable Non Stick Bowl
  • Fry Basket
  • Steam Rack
  • 5kg Weight
  • Dimensions: 37 x 30 x 27cm